Pigeons as pets

Many pigeon rescuers have become so enchanted with their rescues, that they have kept them as cherished pets.  Each rescuer could tell you something that illustrates how intelligent, tender , humorous and special a pigeon is!

Of course, if you want a bird which will sing and whistle and, maybe, pick up a few words and 'talk' then a pigeon won't fit the bill!

Be aware, also, that pigeons are very individual - some will 'adopt' a human readily, some will always retain their wariness and never be truly tame. In some cases, where pigeons have been raised by someone from a tiny baby - generally in isolation from others of their kind - they grow to consider 'their' human as a mate and may never be able to integrate with other pigeons.

We believe that wherever feasible, pigeons which may be unreleasable due to disability should, nonetheless, be kept with other pigeons and have the opportunity to live as normal a life as possible in captivity.