Pigeon links

No one site can contain all the information on the care of pigeons. These are a few of the links that we have found particularly useful:

Pigeon Talk (web-based forum)

A friendly supportive site.  Excellent source of advice on pigeon care. Click on 'Resources' at top of home page for information on basic and emergency care. If you need specific urgent information post your question on Pigeon Talk 'Emergency Care'

Pigeon and Dove Rescue UK

Lists of UK rescue centres & vets, information about pigeons, woodpigeons and collared doves, how to care for baby pigeons and more 

Austin Duck Police

A very useful site for emergency care. Go to Pigeon Resources for guidance and photographs covering baby pigeon care, handfeeding a baby pigeon,  emergency feeding instructions, fixing a broken wing and more 

Boddy and Ridewood

Boddy & Ridewood is a very comprehensive supplier of almost anything to do with pigeons, except foodstuffs. Can order online

Gem Supplements & Corn Stores

Wide range of pigeon and other bird foods, pigeon supplements and accessories

Royal Pigeon Racing Association

Has a section for reporting strayed pigeons in the UK, and can usually trace owners

Email: Pigeon Aid UK

This email is not constantly monitored. For advice on individual cases, we suggest you sign up on Pigeon Talk or use the Pigeon and Dove Rescue UK contact form (links above)