Adopt a Pigeon

Please do not contact Pigeon Aid regarding these pigeons for adoption. For further information, and to check if the pigeons are still needing homes, please contact the source concerned using the email links provided

Newcastle-upon-Tyne August 2011


Purdy is a tame three year old hen who is accustomed to living indoors. Unfortunately her owner/rescuer can no longer keep her and has had to make the heartbreaking decision to find her a new home. Purdy was hand reared and is imprinted on humans. She has always been an only indoor pigeon, she might not know what other pigeons are or be able to adjust to life in an aviary, so her ideal home will be as an only indoor pigeon with someone that is able to give her lots of love and affection.

If you can help, please contact me at Pigeon Rescue UK

Near Bristol, November 2011

Six fantail garden doves are in urgent need of a new safe home/ new safe homes. They are being rehomed by a concerned neighbour of the owner, with his consent. These are free flying birds, would be suitable for loft, dovecote or aviary. Not suitable for wedding or funeral releases!!!!!

If you are able to help, please contact Dawn

Norfolk November 2011


These beautiful birds were going to be killed and are being held in a temporary safe place. Some are racers that were lost and their owners didn't want them back, they will need to be kept in aviaries. The others are rescued ferals that need to be relocated to a new area where they will be held in captivity for a while and then allowed to fly free as a supported flock.

Transport to their new homes can be arranged.

If you can help please contact me at Pigeon Rescue UK, give me your details and I will ask their rescuer to get in touch with you.

Crawley near Gatwick November 2011


This magnificent bird is looking for a new and loving home! He is a Modena Gazzi male, of show stock but not show quality. A strong flyer, homes well. He is twice the size of a normal pigeon so not able to fit in a dovecote. Although he is not aggressive he can be a bit intimidating to smaller birds. He is in Crawley, near Gatwick, but his owner Ross travels regularly into central London.

If you can offer this beautiful boy a safe home, please contact Ross